Miracle Events

Few Miracle Events

Mar Gregorios was being brought to Mazhuvannur Church from Karingachira Church on a palanquin by the people. They were passing through Njariyamkuzhy, a paddy field on the northern side of Kolencherry Church. Paddy was almost ripe and getting ready for reaping. Thirumeni, who was interested in agriculture asked: “ how is the crop my, children?” They told Thirumeni that this year the crop was very bad because of the weeds and locusts. Thirumeni said that it was because they did not ask God.

A sample paddy crop was brought to Thirumeni, and it was seen that there was no grain inside it. Thirumeni got down from the palanquine, and holding the cross in his hands prayed with tears in this eyes. He told those people to undertake fasting and prayer for three days and then to come to the Church.“ Let us pray, the weeds and locusts will disappear” he said. Everyone did as Thirumeni commanded. Thirumeni celebrated the Eucharist and prayed to God. Surprisingly when the harvest came, the crop was plentiful!

In other case, Thirumeni was going to Karakkal Church from kattappuram Church on a palanquin. It was the time of the festival at Peringara Temple and the statue of the deity was being taken a top an elephant in a procession. A large number of people were accompanying the elephant. Thirumeni was waiting at the back, and could not proceed because they did not give way for the palanquin to move. Some people looked at Thirumeni with contempt. They were not in a mood to give way to Thirumeni. Thirumeni was very unhappy because of the rude behaviour of the people. Then all of a sudden the elephant stopped moving and everyone was looking at it. The mahouts tried every art to make the elephant move forward, but failed. At that time a man who knew Thirumeni came forward and asked people to give way to Thirumeni to proceed. As Thirumeni passed by, and reached the front, then lo! The elephant began to move forward again!

May the life of Parumala Thirumeni be an inspiration for all of us.
Let us ask him to intercede for us. May his prayers be a stronghold for us.