Memorable Speech


After visiting Oorslem, our most holy place, by the Grace of God we have come back today. He has asked us to continue to implement his commandments. It is universally accepted that the eye is more sensitive than the ear. To see and believe makes it more stable than listening and believing. We have gained knowledge about the passion and teachings and death of our Lord from the Bible. Really it has to be experienced how much such knowledge is confirmed in our minds, when we see those places where these events took place, and also the signs that remain there to this day. “The true God is worshipped not on this mountain, not even in Oorslem, but in spirit and truth”. Therefore Christians can worship God anywhere. However, we have experienced during our visit how much more is the strength of faith and devotion when we understand things by sight rather than by hearing. This is because we are sinners and men of little faith. The repentance and sense of sin, disturbance of mind and devotion which were generated in us when we prayed at the different holy places was something which we have never experienced in our life. It was as if our mind had become one with God . We felt like lying there and praying continuously without getting up! Our hearts melted.

It is doubtful whether such deep and stable faith and repentance would be generated even if one spends Rs.5000 or even Rs.50,000. We advice you that those among you who can, must visit these holy places since such sight is most useful to attain the perfection of Truth. Let us consider what we Christians can do. There are many people in this country who are ignorant and poor, and live in sin and hard labour. Low caste people like pulayar are not allowed to walk on public roads, nor can they come near their fellow beings. It is our chief responsibility to create in them the true faith in God and to end their hardships and to deliver them from the sins and faults by giving them education. They may be converted to Christianity, and separate churches may be built for them for the time being. As they rise in economic and social standing , they may be admitted in our churches. Schools may be given exclusively for them as a temporary measure. Our efforts in this regard have to be tremendously augmented. We should

Establishing English schools in this country among Christians and among people of other religions is a good means for spreading the Gospel. In schools, children may be given the opportunity to read books in English written by great men inspired by God. Those great men were Christians. When children study those books, real Christian principles and tenets get embedded in their minds. But we are sorry that these students are satisfied with mere externals. Even though we hear that they go against religion and morals, we do not believe it. If that is true, this kind of education does not seem a must. The many Englishmen who studied such books never became irreligious and immoral. Is it that such books and such education are harmful here only? Never! So English Schools must be set up in many Places.

Prayer helps education in fostering in people truth, morality, faith, devotion and mutual respect. One who prays to God everyday will never be untruthful, immoral ,faithless or Godless; nor will he work against the people or his master. Prayer is the enthusiasm of childhood , the refuge of youth and the peace during the old age. Prayer that is done with a heart full of devotion will be accepted by God and we get it back as a blessing. He who loves his fellow being well, is the ideal devotee of God, because whatever God creates, is there for us to love. Many things are wrought through prayer that we ever dream. If man who knows God never raise his hands to pray for himself and for those whom he loves, then how can we say that he is greater than animals who lack intelligence. Prayer is in many ways the golden chain which ties this world to the divine feet of God. So raise your voice up to God day and night with devotion. Such prayer is the ideal means to remove the darkness and the weakness in us, to realize our needs and get our ultimate salvation and Heaven. Worship God with faith and prayer. Brethren, God will be pleased in you

May the love of God the Father, the Grace of peace of the son and the fullness of the Holy Spirit be upon you all.