About Us

The Sharjah unit, of the Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement of India, started in October 1996, under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Sam P. George. There are about 75 regular members, who are Students, above 12 years of age. All activities are in line with the motto - Worship, Study and Service. Meetings are held once every month. These meetings included Bible quiz, Bible study, classes on Worship and Sacraments, hymns, retreats, meditations, career opportunities etc. The MGOCSM stresses the importance of using it, as a platform for spiritual enlightenment, moral upgrading and personality development. MGOCSM strives to deepen the spiritual life and create a livelier sense of fellowship among students. A bulletin SCROLL, (Students of Christ Reflecting Orthodox Light in Life), is published every month, with informative and useful articles. The bulletin proved to be extremely useful to our students, to bring them up in the Orthodox Faith, catering the specific needs of today’s world, providing valuable education to confront atheism, secularism, and the challenges in scientific technology and exercise deep faith in God and His Body, The Church. Conferences, seminars, debates, symposiums are periodically held, depending on the availability of resources persons. These programs have been aimed at making our students do better in their field and in life and also to make them loyal and committed to the church. The greatest service of the MGOCSM is that it brings students close to the church and faith, helping them live as true Orthodox Christians.