OVBS 2021

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Virtual OVBS - 2021

Dear Children and Parents,

“Music is one of the fairest and most glorious gifts of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.”

Paging you children to show your talents and abilities on the core of music.

Pls find below the details about Instrumental Music contest

Last date of entry: May 7, 2021 by 7:00pm

God Bless Us All,

Virtual OVBS Team 2021

Virtual OVBS - 2021

Dear Students & Parents,

Please find the OVBS contest details for this week :

1) Action Song Contest - Tiny Tots to Grade 3

Dear Children,

Don’t Dream — Use Your God-Given Talent to Better the World!

There is sweetness to the sound of your voice that can only come from the love of God.

SGOC Sunday School children from Tiny Tots to Grade 3 are invited for Action Song Contest.

Last Date of Entry: 30th April 2021 @ 7PM

2) Poetry Writing Contest - Grade 4 to Grade 12

Dear Children

Young poets don’t write out of habit; they haven’t even learned yet how to be cliche.

They write with a natural spontaneity that adults can only hope to achieve.

Poetry is never more fun than when you’re young, and the emerging poets are invited to participate for Poetry Writing Contest.

The details are:

SGOC Sunday School children from Grade 4 to Grade 12 are invited to participate.

Theme for Poetry:
“The eye is the lamp of the body. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light”
St. Matthew 6:22

Last date of Entry: 30th April 2021 @ 7 PM

May God Bless us all,
Virtual OVBS Team 2021

Dear Children,

Your gifts and abilities are unique to you, and they reflect a God just as extraordinary.

Showcase your talent through a Poster Contest unlike anything you’ve seen before!. Inviting all students to envision, explore and visually express your take on our OVBS 2021 theme.

As said ”the more you exercise your creativity, the stronger it gets” so amplify those creative muscles!

Contest: Poster Making.

Theme: “Open Your Eyes” – Know Jesus St. Luke 24:31.

Entry deadline: 23rd April 2021.

May God Bless us all

Virtual OVBS Team 2021

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